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About Dave

The owner of Splash Maui grew up in California in the family's swimming pool business.

His parents and uncle started a swimming pool supply company in 1966 in Thousand Oaks California. They sold pool supplies and chlorine to homeowners and professionals.

David helped out in the store when he was 13 years old and assisted customers with carrying heavy bottles of chlorine to their cars. He worked the counter and also learned about pool parts. His 2 older brothers and father did pool repairs and that is how he learned to fix equipment and evaluate pool issues. When he was old enough to drive he started cleaning filters and learning the repair side of pool equipment. His family’s pool store had 500 pools on service and provided cleaning and repair services to their customers.

Eventually, David went off on his own and started his own pool maintenance service company.

His parents eventually sold the business and moved to Maui where they live today. David grew his pool service business in California and always was up-to-date with the latest technology for pool remotes and went to seminars to learn about the latest equipment available to assist pools to stay clean and run efficiently.

Maui was calling his name and in 2012 he moved to Kihei and then Lahaina. Now after 35 years of pool maintenance experience, he enjoys helping his customers keep a clean and safe pool that operates efficiently. He understands the Maui winds and constant heat that require regular attention to keep the water clear and blue and how to keep pool equipment operating optimally. We want you to feel good about the care of your pool whether you are living here full time or visit Maui part of the year, you can feel confident that your pool is being maintained and cared for all year long. Splash Maui is your full-service pool company with 35 years of experience and knowledge right here in paradise.  Below you are able to find our services, such as pool heaters, pump repairs, et.

Pool Maintenance

In Maui, every day is a good day to get in your pool.  When you work with Splash Maui you can feel confident that your pool will always be clean and ready for you to enjoy.  Your equipment will consistently run properly and the chemical levels will remain balanced.  If there is ever any issue with the heater, pump, pool sweep, or remote Dave and his highly trained crew can get things fixed and running in no-time.  Oftentimes the replacement part is available on our service trucks for immediate repair.  If you need a new pump or filter we can get it FAST and have it replaced rapidly.

Splash Maui prides itself on fast and efficient pool repairs and we have many happy customers that back our claim.

Weekly or bi-weekly cleaning services provided:

– Backwashing Pool Filters

– Brushing pool tiles and surfaces

– Thorough cleaning of pool pumps and filtration system

– Customizing pool water flow and filtration for maximum sanitation

– Maintaining chemical or pH balance of pool water

– Timer adjusting to meet your needs

– Check pool vac operation

Heaters and Pump Repair Services

In Maui, the pool water is often over 80 degrees in the summer but sometimes people still would rather heat their pools up. We adjust your current heater to work at its best, or we assist you in giving you options for a  more energy-efficient heater that adapts to your pool and spa heating requirements.

Propane pool heaters or heat pumps provide warm water for swimming and relaxing in the spa.

Pool heaters are becoming more and more energy-efficient and you will notice a difference in your electric bill.  Once you hire our services we are ready to answer any of your questions about pool water heating and upgrading your current system to run with less power and heat up more quickly.

Remote Control Systems

Imagine the convenience of controlling your spa heat, jets, lights, and pool pump all from a handheld or wall-mounted remote.  A few steps and a couple of buttons and your spa is on and starting to heat up while you are busy doing something else.

A remote control shows you the water temperature and allows you to control the jets. You can add on a fountain setting or other water features for you to sit in your spa, watch the sunset, change the pool lights to aqua blue and say ahhh… Maui no ka oi! (Maui is the best in Hawaiian).

Salt Water Systems

Salt systems are a convenient alternative to conventional chlorine.  They provide a more consistent and even level of water quality.  They cater luxuriously soft and silky water for you to enjoy avoiding red eyes, itchy skin, or harsh odors.

Our pool care professionals can describe how it all works to better understand the benefits of switching to a salt system for your pool. Salt systems are great for pets and kids as well!


We are committed to creating a long-term relationship with you, our valued clients. Our service team will work diligently to offer solutions to keep your pool safe, and by doing so we strive to earn your trust. We understand that your swimming pool is an extension of your home and that is an important investment. We provide top-quality care and service to ensure your constant satisfaction.

Our highly trained and experienced staff are here to make sure that all of your pool care needs are met.

If you are looking for pool service in Maui then look no further. Contact Dave at Splash Maui to answer your questions and work together to get your pool operating optimally.

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